Bulimia Nervosa explained and helping tips

A bulimics best friend is the toilet.

Bulimia nervosa is mostly shortened and called bulimia. People who suffer from bulimia are mostly referred to as being bulimic.

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Bulimia is classified as being an eating disorder, although it is theoretically a mental sickness. Bulimia is when the person eats food normally or goes on food binges (excessive eating) and then purges the body of the food, usually by either inducing vomiting, or by the use of laxatives or other means. Bulimia is an advancement on anorexia. An anorexic can not continue to not eat without being easily detected and will often start eating again to please everyone around them, whilst discreetly purging themselves of the food consumed.

Bulimia through induced vomiting can usually be quickly detected in that the person will go to the toilet almost immediately after eating. This will be a routine as they feel that they have the need to get the food back out of their system as quickly as possible, before the body is able to digest and absorb any of the food which will result in weight gain.

The purging through repeated induced vomiting may cause problems in the throat and esophagus, as well as decay of tooth enamel due to the acidic content of the vomit.

Damage possible from Bulimia

Bulimia through laxatives may be slightly more difficult to notice at first, but will be picked up as soon as you start to notice excessive purchasing and use of laxatives. Natural laxatives are not really favoured and most bulimics tend to use the more harsh and harmful chemical laxatives which are so much better at producing the massive “blast” and subsequent empty feeling that they are looking for. A typical sign of chemical laxative misuse for purging is the red or blue stains that it can leave on underwear and toilet bowls.

A bulimics shopping spree.

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A blast with laxatives also causes a sudden weight loss, due to lost body fluids, which is desirable to them. However, in order to continuosly repeat the effect of the “Blast” the dosage of laxatives has to be constantly increased, with some bulimics taking up to 72 laxatives a day. Needless to say, this does tremendous internal damage to the intestines and colon.

The additional negative of this is that the bodies fluids are drastically reduced, and the essential minerals are flushed away with body fluids, resulting in altered chemical balances and a tendency to retain water. The altered chemical balances can be potentially fatal if this goes undetected before surgery due to reactions with anaesthetics.

Laxatives especially reduce potassium levels which can lead to an incresed susceptabilty to heart attacks. Bulimia is a serious sickness and should never be taken lightly. Bulimia, whether though induced vomiting or through laxatives will always cause more severe problems to your health, than the initial fat did. Don’t do it.