Lose 20 Lbs In Only 10 Days Review

When Paul Weeks was applying for the Fire Department, he needed to lose as much as 20 pounds to pass his fitness test in little over a week’s time.

In order to do that, he created this 20 in 10 Days diet program and succeeded in his fitness efforts.

Now, Paul is sharing the very same methods he used to anyone who wants to see quick weight loss results.

There are no “secrets” to this diet but makes use of certain combinations of ordinary foods to achieve the shape you desire.20 Lbs in 10 days does make a bold claim in stating that regardless of varying body types, people who follow the program can lose as much as 20 pounds in the same amount of time.

Paul Weeks failed to make any specific mention about what particular food types are to be included in the diet aspect of his program though, but he does ensure that they are readily accessible at local groceries and supermarkets.


1. Like most diet plans, 20 in 10 days is a safe method for you to try. It does not involve any weird ingredients and concoctions nor does it require you to take any additional supplements or treatments.

2. The customer testimonials in the website include before & after pictures from actual customers.

3. Paul Weeks provides his email allowing users to personally get in touch with him4. There are helpful links on the website such as “weight loss tips”, “articles”, and “improve health” for further reading.

5. The program offers its customers a 60-day money back guarantee.


1. The program does not present any new or revolutionary weight loss information. Nothing sets it apart from any other diet plans out there

2. Even the website for this diet program claims that rapid weight loss is not safe for your health.

3. Similar information available in this program can be accessed from other sources over the internet without any charge. So whats the use of paying him for it?

4. The website contains quite a lot of sales pitch and lacks the credibility users want.


Anyone whos on a weight loss campaign wants quick results.

But when you do, make sure that the diet plan youre in is safe for your health.

Paul Weeks 20 in 10 Days program is a safe method to follow as it does not require any supplements or pills to intake.

However, it lacks two of the core foundations of an effective weight loss plan: exercise and reducing calorie intake.

This then leaves users to question what could be the catalyst for weight loss using this method.

Although losing 20 pounds in 10 days is possible, it would be hard to be successful without suffering from any ill effects.