Say no to Crash Dieting: Theres a Smarter Way to Diet

Face it, if you procrastinate about your weight loss and have an event that you want to attend and where you wish your appearance to be spectacular, you will likely risk your health and follow a crash diet to lose that disturbing extra 10 pounds. What a terrible idea you are embarking on.

Starving yourself for a period of time will likely result in a weight loss that is only temporary. This mentality, a short-term solution to weight loss is the reason why crash diets fail. Regular diets involve eating nutritious food, taking a natural appetite suppressant, and exercising. They are designed to modify your lifestyle so that the weight loss is permanent.

Also, crash dieting is an amazingly unhealthy way to lose weight. First, not eating, or greatly decreasing the amount of food you consume deprives your body of needed natural nutrients that includes vitamins and much-needed minerals.

In addition, crash diets cause you to lose muscle and pave the way to a roller-coaster of weight loss, followed by weight gain, followed again by weight gain. This stresses your body needlessly and has no long-term rewards. Weight loss from crash dieting is a lie! There is almost an instant weight gain back of all that you have lost.

Doctor, nutritionists, and fitness trainers all recommend that a weight loss program should include

A healthy diet

An exercise program

Lifestyle change

In addition, before going on any diet and exercise program your physician should be consulted to ensure you are in good health before you pursue the problem.

Once your doctor has told you that it is okay to proceed, you must be willing to make lifestyle changes relating to what you eat and how you exercise.

Thoughtful integration of a healthy diet along with an appropriate exercise program is the most efficient weight loss program. By combining these elements, people participating in the programs who continue to eat healthy and exercise regularly will successfully keep it off.

Getting Started

To prevent hunger pangs it is a good idea to use a natural appetite suppressant. These products are all-natural and are drug-free. A natural appetite suppressant allows you to maintain your will power without undue stress.


A proper diet for weight loss includes lots of protein, portion control, complex rather than simple carbohydrates. While calories do count, so do carbs. Simple carbs are wasted calories as they quickly turn to sugar and stay within the body. Complex carbs are more efficiently digested and only the necessary nutrients are kept in the body.


Why is exercise so important? Because it gets your metabolism going. People who exercise metabolize their nutrients. This means that stored fat is open to use by the body for things like providing energy and building cells. The more a body metabolizes stored fat the leaner the body becomes. A diet program without exercise can work to a degree, but not as efficiently and as fast as diet and exercise together. Exercise turns your body into a fat burning engine!

Change of Lifestyle

People who tend to have a yo-yo history of weight loss most likely have not adapted their food and exercise programs as part of their daily routine. Sure, once you reach your weight goal occasional cheating with food or missing an exercise session will not immediately throw you into “gain” mode. But letting either food or exercise or worse both programs lapse is a terrible idea and you might soon find yourself where you began.