Weight Loss for Women

Weight loss for women is not as easy as it is for men. Womens resting metabolic rate (RMR) is slower than a mans. In one day, if an average woman and an average man do no exercise, the man will use an extra 360 calories just to stay alive! A man of normal weight has 12 % body fat. A woman of normal weight, has 20% body fat. It is hard to lose fat. Weight loss for women is also complicated by the dramatic changes which a womans body experiences through life-menstruation, child bearing and menopause. One thing that women have in their favour is that they tend to put weight on their hips and thighs. Having excess weight on these parts of the body is much safer than having it on the stomach where men typically put on weight.

Knowing about the special features of a womens bodies impacts on weight loss helps us to make a plan for weight loss for women. The key to weight loss is to eat a healthy diet which you can keep. You also need to do exercise, including strength exercises which builds up and maintains fat-burning muscle mass.


When a woman is pregnant she typically puts on 25-35 pounds. She is encouraged to eat for two. Some women crave calorie dense food such as chocolates. While many women continue exercising, some women get too tired and others must stop exercising for medical reasons. Luckily there is a great natural aid for a new mother to lose weight; a woman who breastfeeds her baby can lose most of the pregnancy weight within a year as nursing uses up 500 calories a day. Most new mothers return to within 5 pounds of their pre-pregnancy weight within 18 months. It can be hard to lose the last few pounds of weight or to avoid gaining more, as the new mother busies herself with caring for her family. As the children grow and start having a say in the food thats kept at home, the woman may find that the kitchen suddenly contains food that she did not have before she became a mother-cakes, biscuits, soft drinks all very tempting for someone who is likely busy and tired. Once she is back into a vigorous exercise program, a new mother can lose weight. But if she is inactive she can lose a lot of muscle mass. Muscle mass peaks at 30 years of age. Inactive women lose almost pound of muscle and gain 1 pounds of fat annually. By the time she is 80 a woman who does not move has only a third the amount of muscle she had when she was 40. To help weight loss for women, do strength exercises and maintain that hard won muscle mass.